Teaching/Communicating : You sell, teach, present and communicate, to colleagues, supervisors, clients, boards, and staff. It is important to apply key ideas about how people learn, forget, understand, and misunderstand.  Sometimes your goal is to have people just understand and not remember each detail, sometimes the goal is to learn an idea or skill for the short term, and sometimes the goal is to learn an idea for the long term. Each goal is different.  ECN will teach you and your team how to clearly identify the communication target & implement a more effective communication path.

Human Nature : We are, as humans, Group Animals. We are Introverts & Extroverts, High-Task & High-Relationship.  And yet we learn in essentially the same ways.  ECN will teach you and your team practical tools to work with others differences and similarities  They will learn to get the best ideas from others at the time they are needed instead of when it is too late.

Keep Folks Focused : "Are they really listening to us & do they remember what they have heard?” ECN will teach you and your team  how to keep others focused & motivated during teaching, trainings, & meetings. They will also learn how to avoid distracting others, wasted time, late comers, side bars, negative feelings, & lack of commitment.

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 “Every second of our time together was spent effectively. I have learned more from Thom in two workshops than from all the other courses I have taken.”