ECN individually diagnoses the needs of leaders in assisting them to be more effective.  The tools taught and suggestions made come from a wide variety of practices that have proven to be effective.  Areas from climate and trust to decision making and running a staff meeting are just a few examples. This work has proven to be effective among a wide variety of clients and organizations. 

One example that many  leaders have used is the “Upstream Evaluation”, a highly effective feedback method designed and implemented by Dr. Dramer.  The information gained from this is specific and immediately applicable. For example,  it isn’t enough to think “Yes, I am a good listener” if those who work with you believe you are not. They must rely on others perceptions, not just their own, & be open to feedback

Hear the Truth
You need to hear the truth from those who work with & for you more often, more quickly, & without getting your ego all twisted up
The people around you will not tell you the truth about important issues or give you feedback so you can change...they are afraid…the result of the leader’s  ineffective behavior… this “fear”  is one of the most costly errors in any organization.
The truly effective leader wants to know what others think & feel so he or she can make the needed adjustments for the success of all their staff.  The “Upstream Evaluation” is a tool that can assist leaders. This individually tailored tool gives specific feedback to the leader about things that can be done to make productive changes.