Why ECN? We will quickly and effectively diagnose the most efficient and effective practices specifically for you and your group, then teach these tools to you for immediate implementation

These tools cannot be learned only by reading a book, listening to a lecture, or  getting advice…they must also be practiced with effective feedback

Your Job… is to lead, support, & communicate to others without destroying your organization's climate

You must do some things differently... thousands of hours of emotional energy is thrown away needlessly on unimportant issues & practices

Just do Nothing?…You may want to put this off because nobody has taught you how to deal with these issues or….it’s just too uncomfortable…the effort to overcome the inertia keeping you as you are is daunting

Even now you are trying to rationalize that things are not “too bad  where I work..”

Tonight, as you fall asleep, you may feel guilty about dismissing these thoughts


"We wish ECN had been around in 1943."